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Our program was established to offer support and training to teenage boys who are not academically inclined and have dropped out of school, as they can’t make it in a traditional school type setting. These boys spend their day in a productive manner where they hone their business skills, and through that instill confidence within them for their future lives as independent adults. We currently have teenagers in this program that were previously in a regular school system and dropped out, as well as some with physical disabilities, but are mentally fully functional.

what we do

Currently their day begins at 10am with a breakfast, where they are joined by a mentor who encourages discussion regarding any issues or hurdles the boys may be facing. 


The majority of the day involves the boys selling items that are used, open box, renewed, etc. on various online marketplaces, such as Ebay, Amazon, Walmart.com. etc. This will entail their assessing the returned items, posting them on online, and managing all the transactions that occur.  The hands-on training in both technical and managerial skills, is a valuable tool for these boys that will stand them in good stead in their future business careers. We hired someone with extensive online experience to train and supervise all aspects of the online selling.


For the last hour of their day, they will be offered various different vocational type training, including most of the oft used computer programs such as Excel, Word, etc., as well as practical business related subjects. 

how you can help

For the success of this program we anticipate that the majority of the goods that we can procure will be donated by merchants who have these used and returned goods and would be willing to donate them if they were able to get a charitable tax receipt for them.


100% of the proceeds will be reinvested in this program, allowing us to accommodate more boys, offer more training, and suitable infrastructure.

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